Pepele Mobile

I've forgotten my pin code, what do I do ?

Visit the TMB branch closest to you where you can get a new pin code.

I'd like to change my pin code, how do I do this ?

To change a pin code, you need to visit your closest TMB branch or PEPELE MOBILE independent agent.

I am a civil servant, when is my salary paid ?

You will receive your salary on its usual payment date. Rest assured, a confirmation will be sent once the payment is made.

I receive no confirmation when a transaction is made, why is this ?

Please go to your nearest TMB branch or contact the TMB 4009 so that we may help you further.

I'm in front of a cash machine, how do I withdraw money ?

On the screen, tap the button to the left of the PEPELE MOBILE logo. Then, simply follow the steps. For more information, you can always refer to the "INFO" menu on the PEPELE MOBILE website.

I'm new to PEPELE MOBILE, how do I open an account ?

If you would like to open a PEPELE MOBILE account visit any TMB branch or independent PEPELE MOBILE agent. You will need to have valid ID and your mobile phone with you.

I want to close my account PEPELE MOBILE, what should I do ?

To close your account PEPELE MOBILE, please go to your nearest TMB branch with a valid ID. Our agents will help you complete the process.

I want to make transactions, where should I go ?

You can make various transactions at all branches of TMB in the DRC, at independent agents and also at our PEPELE MOBILE ATMs. Visit our website or use our geolocation serivce to find your nearest branch.

PEPELE MOBILE is not compatible with my current mobile operator, what should I do ?

PEPELE MOBILE is compatible with all networks in the DRC. The problem is momentary and linked to the mobile operator only. Please retry later.

How can I check my balance ?

To check your balance, send an SMS with the word "balance" to 4008 or call 4008.

Is PEPELE MOBILE available only to people who already have an account with TMB ?

No, PEPELE MOBILE is available to anyone who wants it, whether or not they already have an account with TMB. Account opening requirements apply.

Is there a fee to open an account with PEPELE MOBILE ?

There is no account opening fee with PEPELE MOBILE. Account maintenance fees of only CDF 100 per month apply.

Is PEPELE MOBILE compatible with all mobile phones ?

Yes, PEPELE MOBILE can be used with any type of mobile phone with or without internet access.

My phone was stolen / I lost my phone, what should I do ?

Our technology and PIN CODE guarantee the safety of your money. Please call 4009 to report the loss or theft of your phone or ask your mobile operator for a new sim card with the same number. Thereafter, go to the nearest TMB branch where you can change your PIN and activate your PEPELE MOBILE account.